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                      Tianjin Huali Thermal Insulation Building Material Co. Ltd. was founded in 1995 and put into production,is Located in 126 of Danjiang road,  tanggu ocean science and technology park, hi-tech zone of Binhai, Tianjin. The company is mainly engaged in the production of thermal insulation material.


                      Invite to join

                      Safety Engineer (EHS) location in Tianjin, Qingdao

                      Job description:

                      Has the strong organization ability, construction site coordination and management skills; familiar with safe technology operating rules and grasp the safety standard; strict implementation of the production safety, labor protection policies and regulations; independently complete the production safety management of the project, implement the safety management system; strong sense of responsibility, hard-working. Can work on site, professionalism and good occupation accomplishment.

                      Job requirements:

                      Age below 45 years of age, physical health; graduated from civil engineering and related professional, college degree or above, primary above title; the same position more than three years working experience in large and medium-sized construction enterprises; have good language skills; proficiency in computer. Valid safety officer and safety inspection certificate.


                      1 hold register safety engineer certificate to take preferential, preferential treatment.

                      2 have intermediate above title is preferential, preferential treatment.

                      3 have large and medium-sized enterprise experience is preferred, preferential treatment.

                      4 education level is not high, but have more than eight years working experience is preferred, preferential treatment. 

                      Quality Engineer (Qingdao)

                      Operating duty:

                      1, will look at the drawings, on-site construction progress, technology, quality supervision and on-site inspection.

                      2, the construction process of supervision and feedback.

                      3, the construction site coordination and solve unexpected problems.

                      4, file data collation and archiving.

                      Job requirements:

                      1, college degree or above, energy storage, installation work experience is preferred.

                      2, skilled use of CAD.

                      3, English level six priority.

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